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We are pleased to offer you a large selection of fashionable and unique color contact lenses.


As we act on the basis of an exclusive distribution agreement our customers can be sure that they receive original products of the highest quality in reasonable prices. Buying with us you avoid any additional costs that add up to the final price.


One of our major priority is customers’ satisfaction. For that reason, we use our knowledge and experience to advise our customers on choosing models which perfectly suits their needs and wants.


Check yourself and make Your order today!!!


We accept international orders via e-mail: sklep@geooptica.com.


STEP 1: Please make your order under the above e-mail address providing us with the following information:

1. Your name and  postal address

2. Items you have selected from our offer


STEP 2: We will reply immediately accepting your order and provide you all the payment details and the final cost of the order (includes the cost of chosen products and delivery- 20 PLN).


STEP 3: Please make the payment to our bank account.


STEP 4: As soon as we receive your payment, your parcel will be send to you.


* We are pleased to inform that our Czech customers may make payments in their national currency, as we have opened a special bank account for such payments. (For more info, please contact us: sklep@geooptica.com)





Let yourself enjoy the color contacts world with GEOoptica!

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